Read below the testimonials of our Holiday Makers & Home Owners sharing their experience of staying Aphrodite Beachfront Resort.

"We wanted to thank you for the time we've spend at Aphrodita. It was the best vacation for me and for my family. You are so kind and patient, and we enjoyed Irfan and Imran from the restaurant, too. We're going to come again, don't know when now, but we'll let you know. Thanks again for everything!"

Ben-Shabat family, Edery family & the Stern family, Holiday Makers

"Dear Sirs,

As RCI member no. 239***805, I've just come back home from North Cyprus (3-bedroom unit no. 2BG at Aphrodite Beachfront Village), and I've very much appreciated the resort location, facilities (great swimming pool!) and particularly the quality of food, kindness and professionalism of the bar/restaurant, where not only fish but also steaks and meat in general top-quality.


Do keep working well as you are doing."

Anna Giustina (and her guest Annaluce Licheri), Holiday Maker

"I’d like to tell you how much I was impressed by a wonderful landscaping done since my last visit. The fountain, kid’s swimming pool, all these small flowerbeds and decorated paths on all sides of out building! Wow!
I also enjoyed holiday party in Ilfan’s restaurant. He arranged it greatly and I had a lot of fun there! Ilfan is always so supportive, every time I go to 'Aphrodite' I know I will get a support and assistance if I ask him."

Tatiana I., Home Owner

"Everyone we met at Crystal Bay were a credit to Evergreen and I hope we can stay there again during further trips......It was my first time in Northern Cyprus and I was blown away by the friendly demeanour of everyone we met during our stay."

Mr. B, London