Aphrodite Kitesurfing School

North Cyprus Kitesurfing School and Surf Club

Aphrodite's location - Morphou bay - boasts the best place for kitesurfing that the whole of Cyprus would be proud of!

Book your next surf holiday with our first Kitesurfing School in North Cyprus. For groups or individuals, they will set the pace and schedule that works for you. Groups can enjoy group discounts, meals, and even beach parties as our event planner creates the perfect surf getaway for your needs. Our comfortable self catering accommodations combined with our kitesurfing school and kitesurfing shop all being right on the “spot”, this is the hidden surf location that the whole family can enjoy!

For details please contact the school directly at:

E-mail(1): tal@aphroditebeachfront.com
E-mail(2): surf@aphroditebeachfront.com
Phone: +90 (0)548 831 99 37.