Kite Surfing

The Search is Over!!

Imagine... you finish a kitesurfing session, land your kite on the grass, jump in the pool with your family or grab some lunch at the Joya Bar and Bistro located right next to it, then.. you launch your kite and get back in! 

Finally!  A destination where the whole family can be together right on the spot! Where your kids/ partner can also share this passion with you using the equipment available at our Kite Club – Soft SUP’s for kids and adults, Surfboards, SUP’s both for beginners and pros, trainer kites, 3m – 18m RRD kites, Bunshee-Bunjee and Skimboards, canoes or a simple to operate single sail Funboat.

Here, your partner can take part in Yoga/ Pilates Classes at the Spa Centre while you enjoy the sea literally steps away.

Fun for the whole family!